Monday, June 23, 2008

Thing #9 Getting lined up

I enjoyed reading from The Cool Cat Teacher blog. I like the idea of the Circle of the Wise. With such limited time, I agree that it is important to spend that time wisely reading information that is valuable. Reading from the edublog was a valuable use of my time; I learned about the Second Life webworld and looked at some of the award winning blogs.
I found that Bloglines was the easiest for me to use. I typed in "careers" as a search, and I received informational links on aptitude tests, resume writing tips, job searches, and choosing a career. When we work on the career unit in class, I can see where these links could be helpful. I found that Topix and Syndic were not as easy to use; they required more steps and did not provide the type of links I was looking for. I was not too impressed with Technorati, but I have read positive comments about it, so I will go back and give it another try. I like the idea of adding links from those bloggers you know and trust. I have looked at some of those sites/blogs, and I see the benefit of fanning out from my "wise circle." I appreciate the time and effort other teachers and librarians have put into placing valuable links on their blogs. Getting lined up takes time and a discriminating eye. I am connected to a few lines for now and plan to go back and line up some more links later.


bookeatersclub said...

All these wonderful resources require time, especially in the beginning. BUT, like others before these, we all learn how to use them to their capability.

Athena said...

I just love your motivating memos, flickr fotos and trading card. I like the fotos you can imagine yourself entering as well. Great ideas for how to use them in the library. Thanks for sharing.