Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thing #6 Trading Card Travel

So many toys, so little time! The trading card, mosaic, and puzzle maker are my favorites so far. I will definitely go back and play some more. What a great way to actively enjoy favorite photos!
I can imagine many classroom applications. The trading card I designed is a writing assignment. Important ideas and assignments could be presented on a trading card to get students' attention.
Mosaics and puzzles could contain words along with photos to teach a concept or show students sentence or story structures; teach sequencing or connections.
I feel so inspired by these great technology tools. My next goal is to create a mosaic representing the main story line of a summer reading novel to use in the fall. However, since it is only the beginning of summer, I think I will go work my beach puzzle and sip some tea.


SomeOne said...

WOW! I hope you will teach me to do all this cool stuff!

debnance said...

Wonderful lesson ideas! I hope you will make your mosaic and post it later in the summer.

whoknows said...

This is a really eye-catching way to set up a writing assignment!

Ms. D said...

I agree with whoknows. Such a creative way to give a writing assignment. Fresh, exciting, new! You're students are going to love it. In fact, I think I'm going to "borrow" your idea and give an occasional writing assignment using a trading card. Much more fun!!! Thanks for the idea!

bookeatersclub said...

Very impressive, creative use of this "Thing."

NDbound said...

I love your card - I saw a sign in a shop in Old Town Spring this past weekend... it said:; -
I took the road less traveled and now I don't know where in the world I am.. these things often make me feel that way!!