Friday, June 6, 2008

Thing #3 New life

I feel so excited about my new life on the blog. It was fun choosing a persona and seeing her come to life. I felt torn between wanting to choose an avatar that reflects a secret self and an avatar that reflects my recent self. I feel that I reinvent myself as I live and learn, so I find it hard to choose only one representative image for the real me. The "real" me continues to evolve.
I felt like a kid in a candy store "playing" on the computer all day as I designed my blog and avatar. When my blog was created, I exclaimed with excitement only to hear my children respond by laughing and rolling their eyes. One of my sons could create blogs in his sleep--he has three of them already--so he cannot possibly be impressed by my blog creation that took all day! My other son has never created a blog, so I told him that he could not possibly understand my excitement, and he needed to go put the clothes in the dryer right then. My daughter responded more positively and offered fashion advice for my avatar. However, I could hear that little something in her voice that said, "Calm down, Mom. It is just a computer page." It does not matter. My goal is to enjoy playing, and if my children, who think they are too mature to play, think I am a silly dork, so be it! This is the most fun I have had all summer! I am bubbling over with anticipation for the next adventure.

Bubbly BJ


SomeOne said...

Kids these days! I just enjoy living to embarass mine! It makes life really fun. Hey, you have to start somewhere with your blog, and I think your beginnings are great!

VWB said...

I have a feeling those kids will be peeking over your shoulder as you "play!" But of course like all moms, you'll pretend you won't notice!

as for further ca n count on that!

Teacher Babs said...

My grown step-kids were afraid their dad had finally driven me over the edge and I was escapind into cyberspace when I sent them my avatar. My grandkids (5 and 8) were very impressed, however. It is fun, though, isn't it? I am glad I am doing this over the summer so I have time to really play and not worry about all the school work that isn't getting donw.