Sunday, June 22, 2008

Thing #8 A Feast

I like RSS Readers because they can save so much time and frustration when I am searching for information. There is information available for which I was not aware I could even search. RSS feeds can help students with research or current events projects. I look forward to using this tool to find more information that I will use to develop better units for my English classes. I am excited about the possiblity that I could add dimensions to my stale lessons, fleshing them out with more indepth information or ideas. Not sure yet what this will look like, but I am always on the lookout for current articles to include in a literature unit to connect to the fiction and help students further explore a theme. RSS Readers would be a powerful library tool to help students locate information in a more efficient way. The term Lifelong Learner has taken on a whole new meaning. It will take a lifetime to read and learn just a fraction of the ideas and information available through this amazing tool.
I have set up my google reader and subscribed to a variety of sites. I look forward to helping myself to a daily feast of information and ideas. Let the feast begin!


bookeatersclub said...
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bookeatersclub said...

Yes, the RSS Readers can be so useful and so overwhelming at the same time. Just knowing that they are there for you and can assist in your search for information, really Helps.

BTW, I'm trying to catch up on my comments, so please go back and look, I've been away from a computer and internet for two weeks!

You are doing great!