Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thing #5 Flickr Fun

I had fun with the Flickr photos. I loved browsing through the
groups and choosing favorites. I felt delighted when I realized I could review my favorites in a slide show. As I searched for favorites, I realized something about myself. My favorite photos are those that I can imagine myself stepping into. They are usually nature scenes at the beach, by a river, or on a path in the woods--anywhere I would enjoy being.
I can see many possibilities for using Flickr photos with students. Students could choose favorites and present a slide show accompanied by a written explanation of their choices; they could create a fictional story about the photos; they could also use context clues in the photos to give character traits or setting details and suggest plot possibilities. Writing figurative language about the photos would be another creative application. Students could also upload their own photos from group projects. Flickr definitely got my creative juices flowing. I may begin working on lesson plans in June--imagine that! But right now, I am going to imagine myself into one of my favorite photos--feel free to do the same. Enjoy.
BJ at the beach


bookeatersclub said...

How wonderful that you so easily find a use for these new "Things" in your classroom! I look forward to seeing some of the student projects produced from these resources.

UltimateTeacher said...

That's an awesome idea for using Flickr. I'm sure you're going to great a lot of great responses.