Friday, June 6, 2008

Thing #2 Long life

"Live long and prosper."
Living long is prosperous for explorers and adventurers a.k.a. learners. I cannot imagine trekking thoughout life without learning.
The easiest habit of lifelong learners for me is viewing problems as challenges. From a young age, I learned to experience difficulties, not as hitting roadblocks, but as taking the scenic route. Realizing that problems strengthen and mold you is the key to accepting them as positive challenges that steer your life into the roads less traveled and transform you into a valuable asset to others who can benefit from your experiences.
The most difficult habit of lifelong learners for me is Play. Because my life has taken me down many scenic routes with rocky surfaces, steep slopes, and deep valleys, I tend to take life too seriously. I am the defensive driver ready to face the next challenge; a race car driver revving up to speed to the next task; a chauffeur prepared to follow all directions. I find it difficult to relax and enjoy the ride. I find it difficult to sit in the backseat and let others drive. I need a vacation from the car; I need to get out and run and play.
My goal is to live long and prosper while learning and playing.
"Take firm hold of instruction; do not let her go; keep her; for she is your life." Proverbs 4:13

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