Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Thing #4 Ready to play

Registered and ready to play. The only thing holding me back is not being home this week to spend time on the playground. I am participating in an externship all week. It is a great experience, and I have been talking to people who know that blogs, flickr, and google are not terms for things grubby kids do, but great tools that are used in the business world. We must expose our students to as much technology as possible, so they will not be left behind. We must equip them with these tools as they get ready to enter the work force, or they will be standing empty-handed in the unemployment line. Technology is truly their future. We must also arm ourselves with an arsenal of ability, or we will be shot down by our lack of knowledge and proficiency. Lifelong learning--it is not a luxury--it is a necessity.


SomeOne said...

Yes, our world is depending more and more on technology for everything. It is rather scary. I am technologically challenged, but not as badly as some in my own generation. Back in the '80's, I thought writing that program in Computer literacy was sooo hard! Compared to writing and editing HTML, (which I certainly can't do), it was a breeze.

LKP said...

Right ON Girl!!! In today's world learning IS a necessity not an option!
I love your Avatar and your blog, keep going --- you are doing GREAT!

Grendel said...

I agree completely! You are off to a great start!!