Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thing #12 Caring Comments

Some key words and phrases that struck me from the articles include inspire, tune in, encourage, purpose, renewal, calling, share about yourself, care about a topic.  Commenting is less about me and more about you.  A community is united when the members care about each other and put selfishness aside for the greater good.  If bloggers form communities, then it makes sense that they show good citizenship.
I enjoy reading other 23 Things Bloggers because it helps me connect to the other students in my class.  It is a good way to get to know one another, and it makes sitting at the computer not seem lonely.  I feel like I am having a conversation that will be continued over time.  If I am struggling with a task or concept, it helps to know that I am not alone.  I can read about how someone else solved a problem or came up with a creative idea.
With my sister's help, I discovered some non-academic blogs.  One of the blogs I visited is written by a Scentsy representative.  I was introduced to Scentsy in November, and my house has never smelled this good.  If you have never tried Scentsy, or you don't even know what a Scentsy is, then you need to visit Mia's blog.  I went to Mia's blog because of my Scentsy interest, but I stayed because of her touching family stories and strong Christian values. 
I visited some other blogs written by busy moms, and I found that I could connect with their experiences.  I found myself laughing out loud at their rapier wit sharpened by struggles and successes. 
Reading other blogs and making comments helped me feel connected today in a community not bound by physical borders.  I have traveled all over the country today in my pajamas. 


VWB said...

have you entered a conversation with anyone... where you exchange comments?

farmerdaughter said...

I enjoyed reading; it is always interesting to see other people's take on the same subject as you. My blog was about the ease of commenting, and whether you should stay involved with your commenting community. Yours was all about creating a community through commenting, and how you were able to connect with people all over the world who had similar interests or stories that you could relate. I think I tend to hit the blog world for information, not to be in a like minded community. Your post gave me something more to think about. I think too often I am pinned up in my small world, only venturing out when I need something from someone out there, when I should be venturing out there to grow my world and talk to people who have similar interests, but perhaps different views. Thanks for your post!

BJ said...

What I am enjoying about the 23 Things blogs is that we all have similar intersts. I am getting to know new people and learning to see things with a different perspective. Having the same goals helps unite us as a team and encourages us to work together to be lifelong learners.

marine fan said...

BJ's Bubble,
One thing I have discovered as I learn to bolg is that it is easy to comment to people and how often people do have interest that are similiar to me. I always think it is fun to see what people like that is what I enjoy. I tend to not comment a lot of people's sites, I too am more of a looker, but I am learning to try to step out there. You have some great points in your blog.