Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thing #11 Local Library Link

LibraryThing is another place where I could get lost. Since I recently got an IPhone, I was excited to learn that I could download a free app on my phone to Local Books. This app searches locations of libraries, bookstores, and other places that have book functions or displays. I am trying to embrace my weak habit of using technology to my advantage, so I immediately downloaded this app. The groups were interesting. I found one called Teenage Book Nudgers, a group for teens only. I think many teens would enjoy joining a club that is for them only. This would be a good club to recommend on a library newsletter or webpage. I am considering joining one of the challenges groups. It would be fun to set a reading goal with a group and chat about your progress. I have restrained myself so far from signing up because I have already committed to reading copious amounts of material for my graduate classes. Maybe one day, after homework is done . . . oh, that is not going to happen anytime soon, is it? Something to look forward to then. I will recommend that some of my students and my kids consider signing up with a challenge group.

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Storyteller said...

I enjoy checking out people's bookshelves. I notice you have Sister's Keeper on your shelf. I really love a good ending and I usually figure out the storyline in advance. This one pulled the rug out from under me. I just burst into tears sitting in my living room. My family was worried at first. When I saw it on your shelf, it brought the whole experience back.