Monday, August 4, 2008

Thing #23 It's Only the Beginning

Thing 23 is only the beginning. I have just begun to learn.

My favorite things are creating visuals on the online image generator, finding favorite pictures on Flickr, watching movies on the two Tubes, and writing in my blog. I am a visual learner, so these appealed to me the most. Writing in my blog was the thing I enjoyed more than anything else because it provided me with an outlet to express myself. It challenged me to think about what I was learning and share my struggles and successes with others. I also enjoyed reading other blogs and feeling connected to the other learners.

This course has helped me continue as a lifelong learner because I gained knowledge about Web 2.0, became aware of a variety of tools I can add to my teacher toolbox, and learned practical applications of available, amazing technology.

This program has helped me feel more confident about using technology that I did not even know exited at the beginning of the summer. I have been inspired to plan lessons in ways that I have never been before.

I would have explored and practiced more if I had more time to complete the course.

I would definitely participate in such a program again.

One word to describe my 23 Things experience: INSPIRATIONAL!

Ready to read and share some more... Maybe after some sleep . . .


VWB said...

Yippy Skippy! so glad you reached the end. I worried about you there for awhile.
A key statement of yours for me was:
"share my struggles and successes with others."
that is what it is all about...a learning experience for us all!
Can't wait to read what you will be having your kids do wit your tools of choice!

bookeatersclub said...

And a big congratulations from me also! I knew you could do this, it was just a matter of balancing time, family and the summer in general.

I look forward to working with you on student projects that involve these resources.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!