Saturday, August 2, 2008

Thing #16 Wikis

Wikis could be a helpful team tool as teams plan lessons and activities. I can see how it would be especially helpful when we are planning a unit and trying to decide which pieces to read and which activities to do. I liked one of the wiki links that connected me to a teacher's blog where he had classroom activities wikis and vocabulary wikis. Our technology is not at the point where students can be required to add to a wiki daily or during class, but occasional wiki writing could take place on scheduled library visits. I imagine that students working on a group project could benefit from using wikis, and I plan to encourage that this year when we form groups and start on projects.
I liked the idea of adding to the Sandbox. It felt like we were all having a conversation even though entries were made at different times. I have learned that wikis are another way of having a continuing conversation about a common topic. No one interrupts; everyone has a voice, and others can build on what you have said. If only we could follow those rules when we are face to face--maybe there would be better communication among people.

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bookeatersclub said...

A great way to communicate and share ideas without having to meet formally. Let's find a way to make this work for your students...