Monday, August 4, 2008

Thing #21 A Fish Story

I enjoyed importing my pictures and choosing music for my podcast: A Fish Story. I wanted to add text (I had it prepared), but I could not use a microphone with my computer I would like to go back and edit it some more when I have time. Not sure how to link it to this blog. I am still working on that and plan to add it later.
I can see personal and professional applications to this tool. I was able to put together some special pictures from our family vacation this summer for my personal podcast. Students could present research projects and other oral presentations. One project students are required to do in English IV is rewrite a scene from a play in a new time and place and act out that scene according to their Director's Notebook. Using these podcast tools would eliminate technical diffculties such as cameras with dead batteries, incompatible cords and programs, and the list goes on. Using these tools would definitely improve the quality of these projects.
I plan to work on this "thing" some more, but for now, I must move on to NINGS.


VWB said...

if it is a photostory, be sure and save it .wmv that is the key!

Custom Research Paper said...

Thanks for posting..