Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thing # 23 Pearls

This is only the beginning. That is the sentence I would use to describe my reponse to the 23 Things experience. I would certainly take this journey again because I believe I have only paddled around in the shallow water.

The only improvement I would suggest is add more!

The biggest surprise for me was how much I learned from my classmates. Their perspectives, ideas, and discovery of other gems enriched my experience and encouraged me to push myself further.

One of my goals was to view this experience through the eyes of a librarian instead of a classroom teacher. I believe that I achieved this goal. I can see so many applications of these tools for librarians. I can also see myself leading teachers to these tools for use with their students in the classroom.

My favorite part of this experience has been interacting with my classmates through blogging. I have enjoyed the community of learners.

Diving in was exhilarating. My old ways of thinking have been washed away with the tide, and I emerge anew covered with sparkling ideas and holding handfuls of pearls.

Is this the end? It can't be. I feel that I have only just begun to swim. Another lap anyone?


VWB said...

I am glad your second go-round proved to valuable! The buiding of a community who are sharing your same experiences was one of the objectives I had in mind for you and it looks like it was successful. Congrats on completing your journey.

P.S. There is more in Library2Play 2 if you are interested!

Nick said...

Love the enthusiasm and positivity! Blogs like yours inspire me to keep going.

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