Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thing #20 Thoughtful Tubes

I enjoyed watching videos about information literacy and the 21st Century Learner. While some videos are difficult to watch because of blurry pictures and slow slides, others are engaging and thought-provoking.  The best videos are those made by people who feel passionately about their topic and want to reach out and mobilize others to join their march for literacy or learning, or leading.  I can imagine using YouTube and TeacherTube for different purposes: motivation, information, inspiration.  This video on the 21st Century Learner is all three.  It reminds me of the video we watched at the beginning of the 23 Things. 

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KatieD said...

BJ, great video. It really made me think about the challenge of teacing our kids about technology when we are sometimes one step behind the kids in knowledge. They are so much more comfortable with social networking then we are. We have to keep learning.