Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thing #19 Function and Fun

I took my time exploring the Web 2.0 list.  Many of these sites, I have heard of and experimented with before.  I have used Pandora radio for my personal use and in my classroom.  I like how you can program the type of music you want to listen to and it automatically chooses songs that fit your style.  Doof provided some needed distractions with games.  I had to assure my family that I was doing my homework by playing games on Doof like WordFind and Mahjong.  PEERtrainer intrigued me for personal reasons, so I signed up for the health tip of the day.  If I could find time to read the articles I receive daily, I might benefit from this decision.  I decided to check out Twitter.  As much as I have heard about Twitter, I do not have an account and have not ever tweeted.  I typed in a topic that interested me and after reading page after page of comments, I came to the conclusion that Twitter is a glorified form of gossip.  Sorry if I offend anyone who sees value in this madness.  Maybe I need to give it another chance, but right now, I have too much to do to read tweets from twits on tedious topics.  Other tools on the list I have used such as GoogleDocs, Flickr, Diigo, etc., and I find them to be worthy of the Web 2.0 list.  I can see the application of these tools in my future as a librarian and even now as a teacher.  This list contains both functional and fun applications.


VWB said...

I have a Twitter account from last year's 11.5 more Things and have tweeted 4 times!
I agree with you in that I have just not figured out its value...I understand it has value...if I figure it out before you have a chance, I'll share. Joyce Valenza has been suggested as someone ot definitiely follow to see the value..especially if she is a conference!

ERB said...

I like how you called twitter glorified gossip! I have basically the same thoughts. I see how some people can use it and get some value out of it, but I have not reached that point yet.

Rene said...

I don't get the twitter thing, either. A good friend tweets all the time, but many of her tweets fall into the "Too much information" category. And, as noted, it takes a lot of time to go through all those posts. Who has that much discretionary time? I'm sure someone smarter than I can explain the value. :-)