Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wonderful Wikis!

I have to blog about my experience creating a class wiki.  I decided I was ready to take the plunge and create a wiki for the first time.  I created a wiki for the students' research, and I asked them to post good articles they are finding and the citation information and hotlink.  It has been exciting this week to see the students learning how to join the wiki and submit posts.  They have even learned how to reply back to one another about the article information posted.  Not only are the students learning good research skills by using databases, they are learning the importance of citation information.  They are motivated to find good articles so they can submit a post.  Students are looking at recommended articles instead of complaining that they cannot find anything on their topic. Research this week has been so much more efficient, and I believe it is because of the wonderful world of wikis.
My class wiki is Crucibleresearch.


booksavvycylon said...

Good for you on being comfortable enough to create a class wiki! I am definitely not there yet. I do see how it would be beneficial to have all information in one spot. I also get tired of hearing "I can't find anything!"

VWB said...

congrats on taking the plunge! as with anything, you have to take a chance at some point for change to happen. It's good to see the students are embracing the experiment as well and all of you will help each other make the next experience even better!