Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thing #16 Wikis of Wisdom

The more familiar I am with blogging, the more comfortable I feel about contributing to wikis. I can see many applications for libraries.  Librarians could start wikis of wisdom educating students about plagiarism and citing sources.  Teachers and students could add their experiences and tips to the wiki.  Book talks could be shared on a wiki with a variety of readers discussing books and giving their reviews and ratings. Librarians could also set up a wiki as a collaborative tool to work on plans with teachers. Wikis provide another means of communicating.  As librarians and collaborators, communication is essential to building relationships with students, parents, teachers, and administrators. 


Anonymous said...

What great ideas! "Wikis of Wisdom" seems to capture the essence of wikis -- to share information gained with others... Some of the wikis I've seen do a good job of consolidating good discussions and eliminating "red herrings" we don't want to follow. Thanks for the great ideas!

farmerdaughter said...

I do love the Wiki of Wisdom idea as well. My experience with wikis is that they are not visually appealing. I need to play around with them more. I'm sure I'll have more opinions once I do Thing #16. You always have great ideas.

Customized Essay said...

Thanks for wonderful idea.. Love it!!!