Friday, March 19, 2010

Thing #17 Research Roll

I thought I had progressed when I was able to create hotlinks for students to follow on their research quest, but now I see that I had only just begun to learn.  I have created a Rollyo for the research my students are currently doing on the Salem Witch Trials.  Next time we begin research, I will use the Rollyo to guide students to reliable databases.  I already use the library resources page, but Rollyo can guide students to the specific sites I want them to access for a particular topic. 
As a librarian, I would be able to help teachers create Rollyos for their students, so students could have guidance even without the teacher in the library with them.  Often students are overwhelmed with the choices and need help knowing where to start.  A Rollyo can provide that help. 
My Rollyo is titled Salem Witch Trials.


VWB said...

Nice job. I admit this tool is not one I embraced, but I can really see how it helps from paying around in yours. I will go back to it again!

Custom Research Paper said...

Sounds good..