Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thing #14 Blogged Down

This task was very time consuming for me. I enjoyed using the Technorati links and even claimed my blog. The video helped me get a clearer view of the purpose of Technorati. Tantek Celik, the Chief Technologist says that blogs "are human experiences raw and uncut--not filtered through levels of hierarchy. " Blogs are individual ideas and their purposes are to connect people to other people with similar interests. I can see personal benefits from using Technorati when I want to read about different topics. I read about The Dark Knight and followed the links to read about Heath Ledger, his death, and his career. I learned some personal tidbits about the actors and the movie that I found interesting. I enjoyed the movie without knowing these details, but I was curious to learn more especially with Heath Ledger's recent death soon after filming the movie. So, I was able to follow the links successfully through Technorati for this search.
I can see some possibilities for classroom use. If students were creating a book or movie review or writing biographical paragraphs, reading movie reviews and actor bios would provide them with models. I have some concerns about serious research projects, though, because we teach students that personal blogs are not considered reliable sources for factual research. A blog would not be considered an appropriate source for the typical research project. If students were including personal opinions, etc. in a paper, then accessing blogs could provide them with some support.
I spent quite a bit of time trying to add widgets to my blog. When I finally got them to post, I decided that I did not like the way they looked all together in one block. So, I did what I thought I needed to do to delete them. What I did, though, was delete my AVATAR!! I had to go back to the beginning of things and re-export my Avatar. So, for now, I have put adding widgets on hold. Through my mistakes, I am learning, but I feel that I have a long way to go to thoroughly understand Technorati and tags. Maybe my students can help me this year; I would imagine that many of them probably understand more than I do at this point. I feel that this thing blogged me down for too long. I am moving on while accepting that I still have much to learn and will need to re-visit this thing.

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bookeatersclub said...

Technorati is one of those resources that you really like or don't. Most of the bloggers in this session of Library2Play had strong opinions on this one. Good for you that you still found some use for this resource, eventhough you got bogged down.