Monday, July 28, 2008

Thing #13 Delightful

Once I got started on Del.ici.ous, I thought I would never find my way back home. I took many side paths, crossed several stepping stones, and waded through worlds of words. I read more in one day than I had all summer. What rich fare is available on the buffet of Del.ici.ous! I am so glad I tagged my choices because when I went back to look at the titles today, I did not have to wonder why I first marked them. On a personal level, I see this as an effective tool to search out and collect information I am interested in and want to read. On a professional level, I see this as a great resource to help me with ideas and strategies for teaching and reading. It could be a helpful research tool for students because it is accessible from any computer. The social bookmarking can be beneficial to teachers in the same department or on the same team especially during planning.
Here are some of the sites I read about and tagged:
Literature and Latte--writing organizer and aid;
Language is a Virus--activities and writing strategies
110 best books: the perfect library--the comments on this site were controversial and entertaining; some of these commenters need to read about blog etiquette!
Bible Gateway--look up scriptures and references

There are many other delightful places I want to visit, but I have to finish my 23 Things!


VWB said...

am glad you are back...was worried life got in the way! yes delicious is will like even more with more time!

bookeatersclub said...

And you found such useful sites for your classroom and personal use. Isn't that wonderful!