Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thing #14 Technorati Tags

What a surprise when I found The Huffington Post as #1 on Technorati's Top 100 Blogs.  I subscribed to the RSS feed recently for this blog.  I checked out a couple of other "Tops" that looked interesting.  The Daily Dish, #11, featured some political cartoons.  Political cartoons generate interesting quick-writes and discussions in the classroom.  A thought-provoking cartoon posted on a library web page or enewsletter could draw the reader's attention to an important idea.  Libraries should probably stay away from political cartoons, though.  #12 was Read, Write, Web which featured an interesting article on posting book reviews with correct format and tags in order to be a good citizen and make money on the book review.  It suggested using a structured format such as ePub.  I had never heard of this web help.  This article gave me an example of the importance of tagging an item appropriately.  As I am linking articles in Diigo, I have the option of tagging.  I have not put much thought into the tags I assign, but I have learned that the tags can be valuable as I save more articles and return to them searching for a particular nugget to glean. 
I am learning more about adding and removing widgets to my blog.  It's fun to personalize my blog while organizing its information.  Technorati and tags had much to offer as I continue to explore my technical side.

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VWB said...

as you accumulate more articles, tagging will be helpful in bringing up similar topics...think about it in the same way you look for books in the online catalog by using keywords or subjects